Translated from Finnish, Heikki Lunta means "Hank Snow".  It is a celebration of all things Finnish, conducted by the population that immagrated to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan years ago.  The celebration itself is mostly outdoor activities, such as a parade, a fireworks show, and "Yooper Feats of Strength".  An oddball combination of people, events, and good cheer, Heikki Lunta is celebrated annualy as the "Big Snow" celebration.  Hank Snow himself is supposed to be an itteration on an old Finnish snow diety!  

What the heck is Heikki Lunta?

This project invloved a lot of moving parts, and took a little over 2 months to finalize.  But the end results became one of my best branding projects to date!  This was a true "start-from-scratch" project.  The clients were not sure what the logo would be, and had very little branding to go off of.  This recent event was a revival project by the UP Luge Club, and wanted to recapture the feelings from the old 1970s event.  Classic snowmobiles, natural settings, and fun activities were all branding must-haves.  And of course, snow.  

For the original version of the logo, I wanted to capture some of the finnish culture.  The red ear-flap hat that is so common around the Upper Penninsula is an icon, and also a featured product of the event.  

The clients wanted something more iconic and recognizable.  While the branding model wasn't lost for the original version, it was put on the back burner while we developed a more "general use" version.  The client also wanted the logo and text to be integrated with eachother.  Typically, I shy away from integrating.  I believe that a logo should stand on its own, and become an icon that people instantly recognize through great marketing.  However the end results of this project helped me realize that there is a time and a place for everything.  

We created a snowflake logo, and a snowflake monogram to support it in small-use cases.  Meant to convey the cold but welcoming feeling of the event, this logo includes the hand lettering created specifically for the client.  This went on to become the foundation for the branded program.

Program Design

The program design portion of the project was especially fun.  I got to flex my inking experience for a small illustration on the cover.  Inspired by old finnish sledding paintings, this illustration aims to capture the fun and kindred spirit that Heikki Lunta is so appreciated for.  The end result is an organized, yet playful take on the events throughout the weekend.