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Graphic Design Services

A History of Design
Its not always about the shiniest stone - capturing your audience's attention is an art form that has passed down for thousands of years, since the dawn of business. Graphics, illustrations, drawings, icons, these are all tools designers have used to help grab a potential customer's eye, and pull them in deeper to a story. Sure, shine can grab attention, but what about functionality? How about ease-of-use? These factors are always taken into consideration on every project, which is why Parallel Illustration is a leader in design. See our personal design history here.

Consistency is Key
Your business has a brand, and that brand has a message it needs to convey to your customers. If your graphics and materials tell your customer different messages, all it will serve to do is confuse the client, which is a fast track to losing a sale. At Parallel Illustration, we build consistent brand systems, and organize our designs within, creating an easy to use, clear brand message. We follow existing brand guidelines to create something unique, that doesn't change the story your brand needs to tell. Learn more about design systems.

Customer Comes First
We know that you've done the hard work of building up a customer base, fielding leads, pounding the pavement in search of that next sale. Through it all, you put your customer first, because you know that attitude will keep them coming back to you every time they need your service. Your website should do the same. It should be as welcoming and trustworthy as you are, without alienating new customers or driving away old ones. We want users to have the same excellent experience as if they were walking into your store. Responsive design, mobile optimized, and easy navigation are the keys to success with any website, and are essential to retaining customers. Optimize your website today.

Services Include:

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Free Consultation

We'll check out your brand for free! We give assessments based on three points:
- Overall Brand Effectiveness
- Brand Consistency
- User Approval
With this assessment, you can work to grow your business through our brand resources, make changes to existing brand assets, or have confidence that your brand is awesome!

Brand Assessment

Ready to get down to business? With this service, we'll perform a brand audit, we'll check your website for effectiveness and best practices, and we'll make recommendations for services. Think of this as an all-encompassing brand health checkup.

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