UP 200



UP 200 Poster Series

In 2016, I was asked to create the keepsake poster for the annual "UP 200" dogsled race that takes place in Marquette County.  Obviously, the main characters are the dogs that run over 200 miles to help their team qualify for the Iditarod dogsled races in Alaska.  This year, we looked for a way to keep the poster clean, while still striking.   I wanted to capture the mystery and awe that comes from seeing these canine athletes up close.  They truely are beautiful creatures!

In 2016, we wanted to emphasize the beauty of the environment this race goes through.  The night sky is much more visible in the countryside of Marquette, and when you are out on the trail, it feels like you can see into heaven.  For the 2017 race, I was commissioned to create an illustration that exemplified each of the three events that take place over the week.  Each one is unique, and features different terrain, weather, and scenery.  However, the main stars of the show are still the dogs!

They also commissioned a more traditional poster.  I tried to incorporate the look of the 2017 design, so that things stayed consistent across the brand.