A full brand and marketing experience for a competitive event in Marquette, Michigan centered around entrepreneurs and small businesses. Services included website design, print design, logo and branding design.


Project Details
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Project Details

SmartPrize was a crowdsourced event designed to help kickstart small businesses in the Marquette area, while boosting foot traffic in the downtown shopping district. Entrepreneurs would showcase their idea for their business and display them inside downtown storefronts. Visitors could sign up and vote on their favorite idea, and the winner would be given a startup grant. The particular needs of this competition were: to entice passer's by to stop in to storefronts. draw targeted outside visitors interested in the event, and promote businesses and entrepreneurs as they compete for the top spot. Below is a link to a video that explains it a whole lot better than me.

The design process for the SmartPrize logo involved an exploration of various concepts and visual elements. Through many design iterations, the final logo was crafted to embody the essence of SmartPrize - intelligence, innovation, and recognition. The chosen logo seamlessly integrated typography and graphic elements to create a distinctive mark that resonates with the target audience.

The website design for SmartPrize was centered around providing a user-friendly and informative platform for visitors. Utilizing modern design principles and UI/UX best practices, the website was developed to offer intuitive navigation, compelling visuals, and to make exploring the event easy by integrating an interactive map. From layout design to color scheme selection, every aspect of the website was crafted to reflect the brand identity and enhance the user experience. The project was built on the Wix platform, and incorporated a secure user signup form.

Creating a strong and consistent brand identity was a core aspect of the SmartPrize design project. The primary look and feel for the brand was to promote innovation and inspire creativity. The imagery was selected to instill a feeling that "anything is possible". From marketing collateral to social media assets, the branding guidelines provided a framework for maintaining visual consistency across all touchpoints, strengthening brand recognition and credibility.

Services Rendered

Website design

Print design

Digital marketing design

Logo design

Social media marketing

Map design


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